New film making internships with top industry people for Bond Uni students

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Period25 Jul 2019

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Media coverage

  • TitleNew film making internships with top industry people for Bond Uni students
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    Descriptiontudent film makers at Bond University will get the chance to work with Muriel’s Wedding director P.J. Hogan and other top movie people as a result of a partnership the university has made with production company Bronte Pictures. The company will offer internships to students which will lead to at least three paid positions each year for graduates of Bond’s film program.

    Bronte Pictures CEO Blake Northfield said he believed the partnership was unique in Australia. “It is a direct pathway for Bond students into the industry, which traditionally is incredibly hard to break into,” he said.

    “If you are studying film at Bond, you are guaranteed at least a shot to work on a film set. I don’t think any university in Australia can offer that.”

    The first feature film covered by the agreement is the Bronte Pictures produced Streamline, starring Levi Miller, which will start shooting in September. The next is The Calligrapher, which will be directed by P.J. Hogan.

    “For students who get to work on The Calligrapher, they are jumping on the biggest director in the country’s project,” Mr Northfield said.

    He said he much preferred internships to interviews as a way to select graduate employees.

    “People are very uncomfortable in job interviews, but if you put them on set you can see them either sink or swim in that environment and they’ll know if the industry is for them or not,” Mr Northfield said.

    The head of directing in the Department of Film, Screen and Creative Media at Bond, Darren Paul Fisher, said the partnership with Bronte Pictures was an opportunity for students “to get that absolutely critical first job in the industry”.
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