Molnupiravir to be used only as a last resort: Taskforce

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Advice has changed for the country’s most prescribed COVID-19 oral antiviral, although access via the PBS will remain in place...

Professor Mark Morgan, the Chair of RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care (REC–QC) and a member of the Taskforce’s guidelines leadership group, stressed the importance of using the most effective treatments and noted the implications of the PANORAMIC study.
‘In summary, molnupiravir did not work,’ he told newsGP.
‘The drug is an antiviral and seems to reduce viral load but that did not translate into saving people from severe disease.

‘I hope patients don’t miss out on effective treatments because of ongoing use of less effective treatments.’


COVID-19, oral antivirals, evidence-based medicine, clinical practice guidelines

Period5 Dec 2022

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Media contributions