Let’s talk waste: how the sector can become a sustainable future cornerstone

  • Olabode Emmanuel Ogunmakinde

Press/Media: Expert Comment

Period6 Sept 2023

Media coverage


Media coverage

  • TitleLet’s talk waste: how the sector can become a sustainable future cornerstone
    Degree of recognitionNational
    Media name/outletInfrastructure Magazine
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    Duration/Length/Size30 minutes
    DescriptionAustralia generated 12.7 million tonnes of construction waste in 2018, leading to the industry being criticised for hindering sustainability efforts, with the sector slow to adopt new strategies to help reduce its environmental footprint. However, new research by Bond University has found that if the construction sector wholeheartedly embraces new innovations, it could become a major player in the circular economy. Infrastructure Magazine spoke with an academic in Bond University’s Comparative Construction Research Centre, Dr Bode Ogunmakinde, to discuss how his research can help build a more sustainable sector.

    Despite efforts by the construction industry to keep up with modern advances, adopt smart technology and implement innovative processes, one historical aspect of the industry remains the same – there is a lot of waste involved in building new infrastructure.

    Due to the complicated and time consuming nature of minimising and recycling waste, many construction companies simply take the easier option of sending all of their waste to landfill.

    This, coupled with a lack of confidence in reclaimed materials, means the construction sector has been lagging behind the sustainability efforts of other industries and has been slow to take on circular economy methods.
    Producer/AuthorApril Shepherd
    PersonsOlabode Emmanuel Ogunmakinde