Last opportunity to nominate for an RACGP Expert Committee

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Two current members explain why GPs should jump at the chance to join an expert committee before nominations close.

For Professor Mark Morgan, current Chair of RACGP Expert Committee–Quality Care (REC–QC), the reason he first nominated was simple.
‘In the end it’s about patient care,’ he said. ‘Not just for my patients, but for all patients.’
Professor Morgan told newsGP that REC membership has allowed him to not only play a part in the development and endorsement of clinical guidance, but also help shape the way primary care is delivered across Australia.
‘Guidelines sit at the intersection between scientific knowledge and coalface delivery of care,’ he said.
‘It’s been rewarding to have a voice in national-level committees and clinical policy, while at the same time it’s been fascinating to get a better understanding of other perspectives from health bureaucrats, non-GP specialists and the wider healthcare industry.’
It has also helped inform his own clinical practice.
‘One of the joys of working in REC–QC is the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of new medical knowledge and opinions,’ he said.
‘I have constantly reviewed my own practice and medical beliefs as I’ve worked through the varied agenda of REC–QC.
‘It has often been challenging and humbling to realise that established medical dogma is often based on dodgy foundations. Not a day goes by without learning something new.’


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Period19 Aug 2021

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Media contributions