How Backpacks and Even Purses Ruin Posture and Cause Pain

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Period4 Sep 2020

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Media contributions

  • TitleYour Back Hates Your Backpack
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    DescriptionWith some students returning to schools where lockers aren’t available due to Covid-19 prevention efforts, parents would be wise to make sure their children have the right backpack and that it’s packed properly and not overloaded, lest the load reshape a young spine and cause unnecessary pain.
    In fact, potential posture problems and pain caused by inadequate packs and poor packing practices extend to anyone of any age who routinely carries a load, whether it’s in a briefcase, messenger bag, gym bag — perhaps a Covid-inspired backpack for rediscovering nature — or even a small purse. Especially if a person is mostly sedentary.
    But “load carriage,” as researchers call it, doesn’t have to be such a headache if a person has the right bag for the job, understands how carrying it in various ways can affect their body mechanics, and takes a few simple precautions.
    Producer/AuthorRobert Roy Britt
    PersonsRob Orr