General practice takes centre stage at aged care royal commission

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Prominent GPs have argued fairer remuneration is required to improve patient care at aged care facilities.

Associate Professor Mark Morgan, Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care (REC–QC), told the commission while the system is in need of reform, the College would not be in favour of a ‘pay for performance or strict outcome-based pay’.
‘[Such a system] distorts clinical decision-making and leads to a number of unintended consequences,’ he said.
‘The College is supportive of schemes that encourage quality improvement. So that’s a subtle difference from outcomes-based pay.
‘It’s about improving from where the situation is now and becoming a learning organisation to move on and get better, rather than reaching some threshold to achieve some payment.’
Other topics covered:

  • GPs should attend aged care facilities as part of their training
  • The challenges GPs face caring for RACF residents when specialist input is required
  • Whether nurse practitioners should be involved in comprehensive health assessments
  • The lack of RACFs using My Health Record and other digital communication
  • The introduction of telehealth item numbers for aged care residents
  • Improving facilities at RACFs to aid the work of GPs and other health practitioners


Aged Care Royal Commission

Period10 Dec 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions