Endoresement, invited by Routledge, for the book 'Creating Sense of Place in School Envirobnments: How do children construct a sense of place in their school?' by Dr Sun-Young Rieh (expected publication in early 2020)

Period8 Nov 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleCreating Sense of Place in School Environments
    DescriptionCreating Sense of Place in School Environments by Professor Sun-Young Rieh is a compelling study on the perception of place-space, focusing on that of schools. Given that people’s conceptual and intellectual development is largely based on childhood memories, which impacts one’s identity and comprehension of the world, the book is a significant, rigorous, and comprehensive examination of the perception of genius loci in phenomenological paradigm, including its ontological and epistemological premises, as it relates to architecture. Since the employed memory sketching method is rather new, yet not anymore totally unexplored, Dr. Rieh’s creative study deepens our understanding of this methodology by expanding it to the interpretations of school environments from the perspective of both adults and children in three different cultural contexts, that is, Hawaii, South Korea, and the Netherlands. Accordingly, this approach does not only provide interdisciplinary views, but also interesting cross-cultural analyses in our contemporary global realm, which is applicable to architectural practice, research and education alike.
    Dr. Marja Sarvimäki, PhD, Architect SAFA, Associate Professor, Abedian School of Architecture, Bond University, Australia
    PersonsMarja Sarvimaki