Can medicine repurposing help GPs?

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Quality care experts say GPs should consider a new TGA program looking to expand prescribing criteria and medicine access, but there are caveats...

Bond University Professor of General Practice Mark Morgan is Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care (REC–QC). He told newsGP while the program could be valuable for GPs, there are details to consider.
‘Medicine repurposing is an opportunity for an expansion of prescribing criteria for existing medicines,’ he told newsGP.
‘The idea is to actively identify target medicines and support the often-challenging process of getting these medicines accessible for patients.
‘It is important that any medicines assessed for this extended use have strong evidence of benefit over harm, and that we have sufficient knowledge about the way the medicine should be used, including precautions.’


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Period25 Mar 2024

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Media contributions