ABC Radio January 2018 Sport concussion research in Australia

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    An interview of ABC Radio with Bern Young around the issue of sport-related concussion.




    Bern Sport-related concussion in Australia.

    Period8 Jan 2018

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    Media contributions

    • TitleSport concussion research in Australia
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      Media name/outletABC Radio
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      DescriptionIn the rough and tumble world of professional sport a knock to the head used to be just part of the game, particularly in Rugby.

      However, that attitude is changing, with more research being done into the possible link between concussions and brain injuries.

      In the US this week the NFL has re-allocated $17-million of funding to research whether or not concussions have an impact on brain health down the track. But what are we doing here in Australia?

      Bern Young asks Annette Greenhow, an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at Bond University who is currently researching a PhD on the regulation of concussion in Australian sport.
      Producer/AuthorBern Young