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From: Jim.Ware <> Sent: Thursday, 12 September 2019 3:14 AM To: Libby Sander <> Cc: Marcus Bowen <> Subject: A special invitation Libby: I am looking forward to working with you on an article for Work&Place sometime soon. However, I am writing today to invite you to join our Editorial Advisory Board. I believe I mentioned the EAB briefly when we spoke last month. We currently have seven members on the Board (see the attached draft overview with the members’ bios) but they are all from Europe and North America. We want to be inclusive and global, and plan to add several more members from Asia and Australia over the next several months- starting, we hope, with you. As I mentioned when we spoke, we are currently tweaking the business model for the journal so that we are now publishing individual articles much more frequently and limiting our “print” edition (actually a downloadable pdf file) to a single Work&Place Annual Review at the end of the year. The Annual Reviewwill feature the best articles from the past twelve months as well as several special sections focused on conferences, book reviews, and in-depth interviews with a few senior thought leaders from several of the workplace and workforce disciplines. We intend to make the Annual Review a “must-read” for practitioners, service providers, and even academics. We envision the editorial advisory board as a group of smart, well-connected thought leaders (and practitioners) from around the globe who can advise us on key themes and potential authors, as well as assist us in selecting those top-six or so articles for inclusion in the Annual Review. We also want to enable members of the EAB to connect with each other for ongoing conversations about critical challenges and opportunities in the various professional disciplines we are all focused on. In short, we want to make EAB membership not only worthwhile but compelling - so there is something in it for you as well as for us. We are still forming the vision and refining the roles, so any suggestions you might have for making it an attractive group would be much appreciated. I’d be happy to discuss the Board and our evolving plans for it with you at any time, but I hope you will want to participate. We are currently thinking in terms of a two-year renewable commitment with freedom to terminate at any time. I would also welcome any additional suggestions from you of people you believe we should consider inviting. Note that we want to keep the size of the Board relatively limited - no more than five or so individuals from any one region. What do you think? What questions, if any, do you have? As I said, I would be happy to spend time talking directly with you about the concept and our plans. But I do hope you will want to participate. Please let me know your thoughts relatively soon. We intend to ask EAB members to review the candidate articles for the “Best of 2019" section of the Annual Review within the next two-three weeks so that we can commence putting the issue together and getting it ready for publication in November, which is not really all that far away. Thanks! Jim James P. Ware., PhD Managing Editor, Work&Place A 1966 Tice Valley Blvd. Ste 151 Walnut Creek, CA 94595 O +1 925 956 1795 M +1 510 206 8147 E W Zoom
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