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The Medical Deans’ Student Health Committee (SHC) is a committee established by and reporting to the Medical Deans’ Executive Committee to advise, lead and support the Medical Deans’ work to foster and support the health of medical students in Australia and New Zealand.
The role of the SHC is to:
 Provide a forum to consider the issues involved with the health of medical students
 Recommend any key pieces of work that should be undertaken by Medical Deans to aid or facilitate members’ work to support their students’ good health and, if approved by the Executive, lead and contribute to that work
 Provide advice to the Medical Deans’ Executive on activities and programs focusing on the health of medical students
 Develop evidence-based strategies and policies to support medical students health ,
including identifying and addressing issues faced by vulnerable groups
 Share resources and environmental intelligence regarding:
- the delivery and outcomes of research projects and quality improvement activities relating to the health of medical students;
- programs and strategies aimed at upskilling in self-care and self-management,
preventing the onset and severity of anxiety, depression and suicidal behaviour amongst medical students; and
- policies, practices and procedures in areas of student health, including addressing bullying and harassment. Policies for students undertaking clinical placements will be a particular focus
 Lead and contribute to the development of any communication materials, opinion pieces, articles, submissions or other resources to advocate our work and views.
Held atMedical Deans’ Student Health Committee
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