Invited Plenary Lecture: The school of hard knocks: what did not work when introducing technology-enhanced learning to physiology lectures, labs, and workshops.

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Introduction. Since 2015 Dr Moro has been developing and integrating immersive reality within the science and medical physiology curricula at Bond University, Gold Coast. Over the years, this curriculum has progressed to involve virtual, augmented, and mixed realities, coupled with serious games and various technology-enhanced learning strategies. However, it hasn’t always worked, with a wealth of frustrations, upsets, bugs, confused students, and issues along the way. Nonetheless, there have also been some great successes! Looking back from the present day, was it worth it? Results. There have been a range of beneficial outcomes across the seven years of teaching with (and developing for) technology-enhanced physiology curricula. This includes publishing over a dozen Q1 research papers into the effectiveness of immersive reality (Moro et al., 2021b), crowdsourcing feedback from the community in order to improve resources (Moro et al., 2022), and even integrating holograms within a physiology curriculum (Moro et al, 2021b). Conclusions: Integrating technology-enhanced curricula into teaching practice often involves recurring and consistent challenges. However, when it works, presents benefits for student learning, engagement, and enjoyment within a physiology curriculum.

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Period22 Nov 2022
Event titleAustralian Physiological Society (AuPS) Scientific Meeting: AuPS Conference
Event typeConference
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