Identified as Field Leader for 'Technology Law' in a study published by the League of Scholars and The Australian

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“In this year’s Research magazine, we highlight the excellence of Australian researchers, universities and other research institutions, and we are doing it in a way that until recently was not possible. We used the power of data analysis and applied it to the huge volume of information available online to create a view of Australia’s best researchers and research organisations – a methodology that offers more detail than is presented by traditional university rankings.
It’s a product of the journalistic skills of The Australian coupled with the data skills of talent discovery and research analytics firm League of Scholars, which has pioneered the use of big data techniques to produce research metrics.
The result is a list of leading researchers and research institutions across more than 250 fields of research. It’s not a high-level, remote picture; it’s a highly granular view that delves deep.”
PeriodSep 2018
Degree of RecognitionNational