Global Leadership Initiative in Sarcopenia (External organisation)

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The Global Leadership Initiative in Sarcopenia (GLIS) is an international initiative launched by the groups that proposed the most recent definitions of sarcopenia (AWGS, EWGSOP, SDOC, ANZSSFR), supported by 13 international societies and organizations and led by a Steering Committee of international experts coordinated at present by Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft and Peggy Cawthon.
A major goal of the GLIS is to produce an inclusive global definition of sarcopenia that can be widely accepted and disseminated worldwide. The GLIS believes that agreement on a common definition of sarcopenia is needed to advance the field and benefit patients with the condition.
The GLIS will draw extensively on the expertise of members to contribute to a concept paper, supporting articles, and ultimately this critical consensus. I am writing on behalf of the GLIS to invite you to join this important initiative. The
Steering Committee recommended you as a critical expert in the field and we would be honoured to have you as a member.
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