Fostering self-awareness to address underlying vulnerabilities to the mental health of medical students

  • Diane Eley (Speaker)
  • Aviad Haramati (Speaker)
  • Bishop, J. (Speaker)
  • Stuart Slavin (Speaker)

Activity: Talk or presentationInvited talk


Background: A high incidence of psychological distress manifesting as anxiety, stress and depression has been well documented in medical students. The consequences of this distress on a personal level can contribute to serious mental health issues including suicide ideation, and on a professional level may
ultimately affect patient care. A variety of factors is associated with increasing distress as medical training progresses. These include individual personality characteristics, a highly competitive learning environment, systems for grading and evaluation, and a hidden curriculum that encourages unhealthy comparison with peers that reinforce maladaptive perfectionistic tendencies. Participants will discuss how the culture medicine and the learning environment can be improved to alleviate some of the issues causing distress and help students understand how they can personally adapt and cope .Examples of greater teacherlearner engagement can help students become more self-aware, acknowledge their vulnerabilities and contribute to a healthier learning environment.
Who Should Attend: Educators and students / trainees
Structure of Workshop: Two parts: four 15 minute presentations (10 min facilitator + 5 min audience
activity) and a 50 minute audience engagement.
• Setting the stage: Overview of personal vulnerabilities to psychological distress
• Fostering Self-Awareness: Insights and examples that address the potential of self-awareness
• Creating a Safe Environment: Importance of teacher-learner partnerships in promoting well-being
• Perspectives on cognition and well-being: Insights and examples of how school curricula could evolve from contributing to poor mental health to promoting lifelong mental well-being.
Intended Outcomes: This session will discuss topical issues around medical student mental health and the role that medical education can play in fostering a more positive and healthier learning environment.
Curricula, assessment and a healthy culture that contribute to a realistic balance of expectations by students and faculty should be sought. This session will propose actions by educators to create a learning environment that aligns with the graduate attributes necessary to be a competent health practitioner, and where the overarching ethos is to nurture personal growth and resilience.
Level: All levels
PeriodAug 2021
Event titleAn international Association for Medical Education (AMEE) 2021: AMEE 2021: A Virtual Conference 27-30th August 2021 'Leaving no one behind...'
Event typeConference
LocationGlasgow, United KingdomShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational