East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

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2018 East Asia Security Symposium and Conference
Great Power Competition or Collaboration in the Indo-Pacific?

Participants will explore the revival, use and meaning of the Indo-Pacific concept aiming to identify the risks of emerging conflict, areas of great power competition, and collaboration. The most recent US National Security Strategy and National Defense Strategy both identify Russia and China as revisionist powers which constitute a greater threat than terrorism. Has the US, now seeking greater military capacity and economic revival through a desire to protect perceived US interests, and a greater willingness to engage in protectionism, subsumed the Asia-Pacific within a larger Indo-Pacific and what does this mean for regional states?

The 19th Party Congress consolidated, affirmed and strengthened President Xi's increasingly global China Dream narrative placing the Belt and Road, AIIB and China's socialist state directed market capitalism, system at 'centre stage'. However, does the Indo-Pacific concept validate a larger Japanese and Indian role within regional relations with middle powers such as Australia and Indonesia also participants within an alternative conception characterised by collective security, rules-based order and democratic politics.
Period25 Jun 201829 Jun 2018
Event typeConference
Conference number14th
LocationBeijing, ChinaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational