East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

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2012 East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

The littoral states of the Pacific and their neighbors have emphasized the idea of a Pacific Century. The two great powers have their own views. China has envisioned a harmonious regionalism and the USA has espoused and pursued similar and competing concepts, as well as alternatives such as the Trans-Pacific partnership. In addition, lesser nation-states of the region have espoused their unique visions and interests in a Pacific Century. How do the individual states and/or economies conceive the Pacific Century? What are the opportunities and how may they be seized? Are there any unresolved or emerging issues which constrain the visions? Simply—what are the limits of a Pacific Century?

With a China focus, exemplar issues that may be considered include the overt extension of Chinese maritime attentions into the East China Sea, South China Sea, and Indian Ocean; new visions of bilateral, regional or multilateral relations; new fields of interaction across the playing fields—of, for example, global economies, technology and even space; new theoretical concepts and critiques; the differing roles of great, middle or small powers; and the pace, place and conceptions of development and democracy with regard to security, stability and other political and economic goods. Our 2012 theme—Limits of a Pacific Century—looks to synthesise and generate multi-disciplinary reviews and analyses. What are your ideas? Share and publish them through the East Asia Security Symposium and Conference!


Scholarship from the Conference 本次会议出版的作品列表:
1862: The Superpower, the United States, and the War that Didn’t Happen (Why America and China Are Not Destined To Fight — Unless They Forget Everything) 超级大国、美国和没有爆发的战争

Michael Vlahos, United States Naval War College
A Civic Pivot? A Proposed Alternative to the Obama Administration’s Pivot to Asia 民事轴心?:奥巴马政府亚洲轴心的另一种选择

Wenshan Jia, Chapman University
Beyond Borders: East Asian Models of Regional Identity and Organization in a Globalized World

Brett McCormick, University of New Haven
Sino-British Relations in 1950: Fracturing a Fragile Relationship 1950年的中英关系:脆弱关系的分崩离析

Tracy Steele, Sam Houston State University
The Function of Trilateralism in the Asia-Pacific Regime Complex

Gaye Christoffersen, Johns Hopkins University
The Path to Harmonious Regionalism 通往和谐地区主义的途径

Jonathan H. Ping, Bond University
The South China Sea Issue and East Asian Security

Yuanzhe Ren, China Foreign Affairs University
United States’ New Leverage in the South China Sea? Current Trends amid a New Asia-Pacific Strategy 美国在南海的新影响力?亚太新战略中的当前趋势

Ulises Granados, Mexico Autonomous Institute of Technology ITAM
US American ‘Japan Bashing’ in the 1980s and Today’s ‘China Threat’: Is History Repeating Itself? 20世纪80年代美国对日本的“抨击”与今天的“中国威胁”:历史是否重演?

Elizabeth S. Dahl, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Water and Regional Security in Asia: Challenges for China

Elizabeth Wishnick, Columbia University
What does Harmonious Regionalism mean? 和谐地区主义的含义?

Rosita Dellios, Bond University
当前中国外交面临的机遇与挑战 Challenges facing China's foreign policy

Liqun Zhu, China Foreign Affairs University
Period25 Jun 201230 Jun 2012
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