East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

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2014 East Asia Security Symposium and Conference

In 2013-14 the People’s Republic of China (PRC) held the Third Plenary Meeting of the 18th Party Congress. A domestic outcome was the creation of a new concept for the shifting of the power structures – the Leading Group on the Comprehensive Deepening of Reform. A new model of regional major power relations was proposed and the PRC declared the formation of an expanded Air Defence Identification Zone which required the United States of America (US) and Japan to further consider their role and actions in the region beyond the ongoing disputes over islands such as the Diaoyu/Senkaku. Economically the PRC increased its policy focus on its domestic market; more efficient use of capital and higher levels of productivity. This occurred within the broader global environment of continued rebalancing of US and European Union priorities in the face of ongoing economic downturns. Do these events constitute new great power relations and the reshaping of regional structure? How do these changes affect individual states and/or economies in the region? What are the motivations and opportunities being sought? Are there any consequential challenges or problems?

Scholarship from the Conference 本次会议出版的作品列表:
Cooperation and Competition in Chinese and Japanese Construction of their Maritime Power Identities

Gaye Christoffersen, Johns Hopkins University
Is the China Dream a Regional Nightmare?

Shelley Parkinson, Bond University
Paradigm’s End: Domestic Reforms and Grand Narratives

Jonathan H. Ping, Bond University
Preventive Diplomacy in East Asia: Is it Enough to Manage Great Power Relations?

Elizabeth S. Dahl, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Sino-American Transitions: Language, Identity and Information

Chris Janiec, China Foreign Affairs University
Strategic Interaction in an Era of Complex and Deep Interdependence

Thomas D. Lairson, Rollins College
The SCO as the Zone of Shared Understanding: Recent developments and future prospects

Alica Kizekova, Metropolitan University of Prague
Troubled Waters in the East China Sea - China's ADIZ 中国防空识别区

Oana Burcu, University of Nottingham
Period30 Jun 20145 Jul 2014
Event typeConference
Conference number14th
LocationBeijing, ChinaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational