Development of 'Train the Simulated Patient' (2TSP) Education Resources

  • Gough, S. (Consultant)
  • Leah Greene (Consultant)
  • Jodie Gibson (Consultant)
  • Debra Nestel (Consultant)
  • Neil Tuttle (Consultant)
  • Mark Hellaby (Consultant)
  • Brian Webster-Henderson (Consultant)

Activity: Consultancy


The 'Train-The-Simulated Patient' (2TSP) programme features a blended learning package featuring an e-learning course and face-to-face workshop. The e-learning course integrates digital media, scenarios, learning activities and reflective exercises, which are completed prior to workshop attendance. The workshop focuses on the practical elements of SP development; role portrayal and feedback. It includes performing arts techniques; thought tracking, observation, motivation and emotional memory.

The outcomes of the project include:
1) A standardised, evidence-based training package to train anyone portraying the role of an SP (e.g. medical, non-medical, bands 1-4, pre-/post-registration students, actors, laypersons, or service users) utilising drama and performance pedagogies.
2) An evaluation of the ‘Train-The-Simulated Patient (2TSP)’ programme and resources including the SP Passport and SP database.
3) Guidance for the provision of opportunities embed Trained SPs within learning and assessment activities via the SP Common Framework and Checklist.
4) An instructional guide for the implementation of the Simulated Patient Programmes across the North West of England.

(Amount awarded £63,457)
PeriodDec 2016
Work forHealth Education England, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionInternational