Citations within the Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies in Schools Commissioned Report

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* Acknowledgement of expert participation (pg. 100)

* Statement on Equity and digital inclusion: "It tends to be more the independent schools which are investing in this new technology. These sorts of schools market themselves around these technologies. It would be best if we introduced a sharing model so that networks of schools could adopting this technology and share the cost burden because a huge barrier to entry is cost". (p. 107)

* Statement on Teacher professionalism, professional learning and pre-service teacher education: "Another big factor is that professional development is harming educators who don’t have the time. We need to learn how to integrate PD in the system, so they are actually learning and not just ticking the box and moving on. I think teachers need to know the quality of PD which is accredited and is indeed worthwhile instead of taking courses that are more marketing exercises than PD. It is difficult for teachers to navigate their way through this plethora of expos, webinars etc. It is very complicated for teachers to find the epi-centres of rigorously understood and PD places. We have this dilemma of having teachers completing ineffective PD and a weight on the back of schools who are trying to keep up with the most current research on technology. I think it is vitally important to support teachers to find leading edge PD, especially secondary teachers." (p. 109)

* Statement on Ethics: "In terms of AI, these systems are algorithms and are based on data points and they can be biased on certain features. Big data algorithms generalise and classify the underpinning data meaning that if the data is biased the generalised data is also biased. As reliance on this data becomes more and more, essentially we are running the risk that the biased data ignores individual differences; individuals become a point on a numerical weighted graph. When you start to delve into the philosophical and ethical dilemmas of big data things get very difficult especially from an education perspective where the individual must be considered." (p. 111)

* Statement on Governance: "We don’t want the Uberfication of education: Without the research, ethics and governance there will be consequences. Is it ethical to allow experimentation and disruption with AI technology in education? So, we must have counter arguments to using potentially harmful AI technology in education. We must have pedagogy before technology." (p.112) and "AI systems are being built by mega corporations because they can afford these systems and have access to the data required to develop the systems. This creates a reliance on these corporations as well as handing over the governance, ethics and privacy to these groups." (p. 113)

*Statement on the need for research: "What really needs to happen is we need to focus on collecting evidence on whether technology enhances learning using focused research into each specific technology." (p. 114)
Period14 Aug 2019
Held atAustralian Government Department of Education , Australia
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