83rd Academy of Management Annual Meeting

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Professional Development Workshop
Future of Organizational Spaces: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

What is the future for the physical workplace? As employee desire for work location flexibility persists, employers are grappling to reconfigure their offices to meet future needs. This PDW will explore how workplaces are changing in response to hybrid working and new work patterns post COVID-19. We consider the potential for management practices, space design, and technology integration to interact with organizational behaviors in future workplaces that address businesses’ needs to keep workers front and center. Understanding behavior within hybrid and diverse working arrangements is a complex challenge as the psychological, architectural, technological, organizational, policy and cultural elements intertwine and coevolve. The cross-disciplinary links between these factors are often under acknowledged both theoretically and practically within organizational research. Through two video case studies, invited expert panelists discussion, and facilitated themed breakout discussions, PDW participants will consider the design of future workplaces from differing disciplinary perspectives and contemplate the opportunity to develop multi- disciplinary research collaboration, apply innovative methodologies, conceptualize new elements and theorize emerging phenomena. Research action plans will result from the themed breakout discussions that contribute to a call for action. Video case studies, reflective podcasts, and the call for action summary of the discussions will be shared with participants post event. A twitter feed will capture the important points and interesting discussions taking place during the workshop.
Period4 Aug 2023
Event typeConference
LocationBoston, United StatesShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational