2019 GCHHS Collaborative Grant Schemes

Zwar, N. (Organiser), Mickan, S. (Investigator), Gerben Keijzers (Investigator), Stehlik, P. (Investigator), Bannach-Brown, A. (Investigator), Henry, D. (Investigator), Jones, M. (Investigator), Dobler, C. (Investigator), Glasziou, P. (Investigator)

Activity: Professional Development, Mentorship, Supervision and Other ActivitiesNon-financial research agreements


GCHHS - Program Partner Agreement - For funding of collaborative research grants scheme. Bond co-funded projects $10k each:

Project Title: Development and pilot of interventions for increasing medical clinician research engagement at Gold Coast Health: A Knowledge Translation study
Lead Principal Investigator: Dr. Caitlin Brandenburg
Team Members: Prof Sharon Mickan, Dr Christy Noble, Dr Jeremy Wellwood, Prof Gerben Keijzers, Dr. Shane Gorge, Dr. Rhea Liang, Dr. Paulina Stehlik, Dr. Rachel Wenke, Dr. Ian Hughes, Dr. Kelly Dungey, Dr. Julie Wong.

Project Title: Comparison of intravenous amoxycillin\clavulanate to piperacillin\tazobactam for the treatment of diabetic foot infections in adults: A pragmatic, non-inferiority, randomised trial.
Lead Principal Investigator: Dr. Kylie Alcorn
Team Members: Dr. Mark Jackson, Dr. Lee Forman, Mr. Jack Cross, Dr. Paulina Stehlik, Mrs. Nicola Morley, Dr. Alexandra Bannach-Brown, Dr. William Butcher, Prof David Henry, A/Prof Mark Jones.

Project Title: Identifying knowledge translation strategies for implementing best practice in the management of acute alcohol intoxication in the emergency care environment.
Lead Principal Investigator: Dr. Jamie Ranse
Team Members: Dr. Julia Crilly, Prof Gerben Keijzers, Prof Sharon Mickan, Dr. Matthew Brendan Munn, Prof. Alison Hutton, Amy Sweeny, Michelle Buckland, Dr. Laura Hamill, Catherine Delany, Katie East

Project Title: Developing a tool on treatment burden for the patient-physician encounter: Towards a patient­centred approach in chronic disease care
Lead Principal Investigator: A/Prof. Claudia Dobler
Team Members: Dr. Adem Sav, Dr. Jane Basham, Dr. Sarah Thomas, A/Prof. Bajee Krishna Sriram, Prof. M Hassan Murad.

Project Title: How planned change is enacted in a University Hospital
Lead Principal Investigator: Dr. Georgia Tobiano
Team Members: Dr. Greta Ridley, Dr. Rachael Smithson, Prof. Paul Glasziou, Prof. Andrea Marshall, A/Prof. Laurie Grealish, Therese Gardiner, Jonathan Carver, Sarah Thorning, Christina Wicker.

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Period19 Dec 201918 Dec 2020