2016 Medical Program MD Student Supervision (6 students)

  • Carmel Tepper (Supervisor)

Activity: Professional Development, Mentorship, Supervision and Other ActivitiesNon-HDR Student Supervision


Supervised six MD Medical students in developing an online peer-generated formative exam for Peers. Provided workshops in Assessment Philosophy and Practices, Question-writing, Blueprinting and Data Analysis. Assisted students to quality assure the exams and analyse data post-exam. Provided feedback on draft Professional Project report, marked the final report and supported students to present at an End of Program MD Conference.

Additional information

Hershil Khatri, Marina Bahgat Wassif, Claire Ishak, David Makarious, Aswini Sivakumar, Seyedeh Taghavi
PeriodMay 2016Oct 2017
Degree of RecognitionLocal